The Teacher’s Gallery partners from Santa Clara Schools District in California, USA went to the Philippines and visited the schools of some school leaders who participated in TTG’s Global Learning Initiative or EdTour Program. The visiting group was headed by Ms. Rose DuMond, Special Education Coordinator of Santa Clara Unified Schools District.

Ricardo P. Cruz Elementary School – Taguig City

Last July 3, The Teacher’s Gallery together with Ms. Rose DuMond and Ms. Joycelyn Flores, visited Dr. JR Bisco, principal of¬†Ricardo P. Cruz Elementary School in Taguig. Dr. Bisco was one of the delegates of the TTG Global Learning Initiative in California last October 2018.

Several cultural perfomances were showcased by the talented students of Ricardo P. Cruz Elementary School to entertain the visitors from Santa Clara Unified Schools District, USA.

During the visit, Dr. Bisco proudly shared the accomplishments of the school as well as the programs he adopted from the learning experience he had from the EdTour program.

Precious Gem Academy – Quezon City

The group also visited Precious Gem Academy, a school in Quezon City which offers inclusion programs and transition programs for learners with disabilities. The highlight of the visit is the PGA Learning Resource Center which provides a pre-vocational and transition program to independent living for young adults with disabilities.

Center for Excellence (CENTEX) Elementary School – Manila City

Last July 10, Ms. Rose DuMond together with Ms. Edna See-Pornel, teacher from Briarwood Elementary School in Santa Clara Unified School District, visited Center for Excellence (CENTEX) Elementary School headed by Dr. Rey Malano, delegate of TTG Global Learning Initiative last April 2019.

Our partners from Santa Clara Unified Schools District (SCUSD) in California, USA were so impressed how these school leaders were able to apply what they have learned and experienced during their benchmarking activities as part of TTG Global EdTour Program.