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Recognizing that collaborative work and cooperative learning are critical in preparing educators with 21st century instructional skills, TTG provides innovative learning environments through interactive study tours; school walkthroughs; peer-to-peer observation; and cultural immersions.

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Experiential Learning through Travel

First hand experiences are proven to be the most effective teaching tools for all ages. Travel helps us educators to know more about the world, ourselves, and our place in the world.

The combined power of experiential learning with the thrill of global travel helps you to:

  • learn effective global practices and strategies that you can adapt to improve your current classroom/school environment
  • have an expanded knowledge of the world around you
  • meet new people, places, and cultures

Educational Partnership

Our collaboration with our partner schools overseas builds camaraderie, support and serves as a platform for exchange of ideas and techniques.

Your Global EdTour Experience Includes

Exclusive Training Workshop

Facilitated by subject matter experts 

In-depth Cultural Experience

Enjoy the sights and culture in the famous places in the US

Talk With US-Based Educators

Sharing of practical tips and strategies

EdTour Kit & Certificates

Receive certificates and exclusive program items

Round-trip Airfare

Round-trip flight ticket on major airline carriers

Hotel Accommodations

Overnight stays in safe, quality hotels

Baggage Allowance

Checked-in luggage for travel essentials

On-Tour Land Transfers

Land transportations within the itinerary

Travel Insurance

Value-packed travel coverage for a travel with peace of mind

Upcoming Global EdTours

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Level up your #TeacherTravelGoals!

Invite your teacher friends and together get a chance to observe and learn from different school setups in the United States through school visits and undergo an exclusive Training Workshop facilitated by the educational experts! Complete your experience with a 4-Day cultural immersion in the nearby states in the East/West Coast.

Want to know more about the Global EdTour Program?

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Application Procedures

Application Process - No/Expired Visa


Reservation fee is deductible from the total Global EdTour Participation Fee and is nonrefundable or non-transferable unless visa is not granted.

Visa processing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable regardless if visa is granted or denied.

Application Process - With US Visa

Note: Reservation fee is deductible from the total Global EdTour Participation Fee. Requests for withdrawal of application for the TTG Global EdTour Program will be subject to TTG’s review and approval with penalty fees.

Visa Application Requirements

  • Duly Accomplished TTG Global EdTour Application Form (please provide all required information
  • Old and new passport (valid atleast 6 months from the TTG Global EdTour travel dates)
  • 1pc 2×2 sized ID photo (taken within atleast 6 months)
    1. No eyeglasses, contact lenses
    2. Neutral expression only (no smiling)
    3. Not scanned or digitally enhanced
  • Signed and notarized:
    1. Affidavit of Return
    2. Liability Release and Indemnity Agreement
  • Original – PSA copy of Birth certificate
  • Original – PSA copy of Marriage certificate (for married applicants)
  • Proof of financial capacity to cover tour expenses: (any of the following)
    1. Original – latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
    2. Original – bank books/time deposit certificate
    3. Original – bank statement or statement of account (last 3 months)
    4. Original – credit card statements
    5. Original – land title with tax declaration receipt

2020 Travel Dates

East Coast Cohort

  • April 25 – May 4, 2020

West Coast Cohort

  • October 24 – November 2, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I get from joining the TTG Global EdTour Program?

Global learning matters. Recognizing the need for a global dimension in an educator’s perspective and the ability, therefore, of an educator to take a global perspective on contemporary events and issues are critical in preparing educators with 21st century instructional skills. TTG believes that the best way to gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. 

TTG offers Global EdTour programs where educators can observe and reflect on overseas-based classroom instructions and exchange ideas that will ultimately help transform own classrooms or school environment. Further, TTG includes a cultural/recreational travel experience in its program designed to add value to the learning experience outside the classroom.

What is a Return Action Plan (RAP) proposal and why do I have to submit that?

The Return Action Plan (RAP) proposal is a set of action steps or activities planned by the educator-edtour applicant to be materialized within one year after joining the TTG Global EdTour program. The activities lined up in this proposal should make use of the learnings that participant gained from the program for the improvement of the current teaching/learning situation in his/her school environment.

TTG Global EdTour applicants are required to submit their RAP proposal along with their application documents to demonstrate their commitment in achieving their educational and professional objectives in joining the program.

Due to the limited slots, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

When will I receive a response?

Applicants will be notified of their application status five (5) days after the application requirements are received. Please note that only applications with complete requirements will be processed.

Will you help me get a visa?

Yes. For applicants without visa, TTG will assist you in your application.

What are my chances of getting a visa?

Visa approval is solely under the discretion of the Embassy.

TTG cannot guarantee the issuance of visa. However, TTG will provide free visa coaching services as well as all documentation needed to address the Embassy’s requirements.

What are the exclusions on the posted TTG Global EdTour participation fee?

Visa Application fees, meals and drinks, entrance fees to tourists’ attractions and other places not listed in the itinerary are excluded from the package.

Where will I send my payment?

Please use the following bank details for your payment deposits.

For Peso Transactions:
Bank Name: Banco De Oro Account Name: The Teacher’s Gallery, Inc. Account Number: 012698000369

For Dollar Transactions:
Bank Name: Banco De Oro Account Name: The Teacher’s Gallery, Inc. Account Number: 112690001841

Note: Please write your complete name on the deposit slip and send us a soft copy at

Is there a chance to participate in the program with financial assistance or scholarship?

We advise applicants to identify foundations that grant scholarships or financial aids to educators or reach out to their local government officials for support.

Can I join TTG Global EdTour Program if I’m not an educator?

TTG Global EdTour Program is designed for participants who are currently working in or for a school system. Hence, if your current job is not related to education, we cannot accept your application.

Qualified applicants include public and private school teachers, school administrators/owners, Department of Education officials and education consultants directly working for the education of school children Grades K-12.

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Past Global EdTours

Educators’ Testimonials

“Our Wellesly experience was enlightening but with Randolph, It was life changing. I was touched of how you take care of the children with disabilities. How I wish I can help the students with disabilities in our country to have the same privileges too.”
Ms. Jocelyn Roble

Administrator, Another Home to Grow

“We are very thankful for your hospitality and your expertise. Seeing your school developed made us hopeful – that we can someday do this in the Philippines too.”
Ms. Jannica Castillo

Teacher, Creative Learner's Home

“I learned a lot from this experience from world-class sped teachers. I am deeply honored and privileged that our school was selected to be one of the sister school of Randolph High School. I hope The Teacher’s Gallery will organize more trips like this so that other educators will experience it too.”
Mr. Louie Pebres

Principal, Doña Rosario High School