It truly is a struggle to connect nowadays with the very urgent need for social distancing.  However, this should not mean that we must also distance ourselves from making the world a better place through education — and fostering our personal growth as educators at the same time!

While we are indoors, educators can also do their part in ensuring the future of the world through its future leaders: today’s learners, through brand new education systems and strategies that are emerging in the time of what most are calling “e-learning”.

The Teacher’s Gallery believes in #LearningUninterrupted while we maintain social distancing to protect everyone around us. This is true not only for our learners, but for our educators as well, who are interested in learning and growing during this time.

We introduce the TTG Knowledge Portal as a much-needed resource by our teachers! To foster “e-learning”, we believe that educators must also be able to e-learn to effectively harness the power of technology for education.

To start “e-teaching”, we want to provide you with a few tools that can help you get started on being the best educator you can be in this time:

  • Online Teaching

These courses will help educators effectively and efficiently transition from real-life teaching to online teaching. One of its interesting courses is Virtual Scenarios for Learning, where we can learn to apply Scenario-Based Learning, storytelling, and virtual scenario-building to help learners develop their decision-making skills. These will be helpful for them in real-life scenarios, to be prepared to make important decisions in different disciplines such as medicine and health, law, and engineering.

  • Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is a concept frequently discussed among educators. This will serve as an opportunity for everyone to learn how to ensure that inclusion and equity manifests within the education system they are a part of, be it within the classroom, or encompassing their entire school, or even education on larger scales. These courses also tackle education for learners with autism, and how to make learning accessible to them. As a whole, these courses will foster a holistic understanding of what “inclusive education” as a concept is, and how it applies in different contexts.

As we continue to make social distancing a part of our lives for now to ensure the safety of all, let’s make sure that we still live in a world of #LearningUninterrupted.

Join the TTG Knowledge Portal here: