Last November 12, 2018, Filipino educators flew to California for our 4th Educational Tour (EdTour). Our EdTour is one of the focal programs where we bring Filipino educators to international classroom to benchmark their innovative practices in schools and bring back those knowledge and learnings to local classrooms here in the Philippines.

Educators were warmly welcomed by Cabrillo Middle School admin and staff in Santa Clara. The educators initially met with the teachers to talk about their inclusive practices on how to handle children with diverse learning needs. Afterwards, the educators were given a chance to observe and participate in the actual classrooms. 

Next school visit was at Bracher Elementary School and Buchser Middle School where both schools have done successful inclusion programs and have expressed their interest in visiting the Philippines Schools next year. Bracher Elementary School is a professional learning community. Through collaboration and high expectations, they provide a rigorous academic program with a focused approach – with the intent and belief that ALL students can and will succeed and as for Buchser Middle School, they support cultural literacy and academic diversity – creating diverse learning experiences that raise awareness and tolerance of others. 

After the school walkthroughs and observations, the delegates had fun visiting Google, Facebook, Intel and Stanford University. Some of them were also able to attend the anticipated mass at St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church (and the priest was a Filipino!). The day ended at Marshalls where our educators were given a chance to enjoy their personal time from the educational tour.

As we are wrapping up this year’s success of 4th Educational Tour, we’re preparing a change of itinerary to freshen up our learnings and experiences in benchmarking global classrooms excellent in inclusive education. Tune in and stay updated by liking our TTG Global EdTour Facebook Page and subscribing below to our newsletter. 


See you around the globe!