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Signature Learning Seminars and Workshops

The programs focus on:
  • Inclusive & student-centered practices that foster classroom environments with equitable opportunities for learning, critical thinking, collaborative skills, and global perspectives.
  • Transformative leadership skills.
  • Holistic educational approaches for a healthy and happy work-life balance.

Upcoming Events

Inclusion Strategies for 21st Century Early Childhood Teachers

August 17 – 19, 2018 | Tagaytay International Convention Center

Learn developmentally appropriate practices and inclusion strategies.

Registration Fee: Php 7,500

The Power of a Teacher's Heart

Be reminded of your VALUE and IMPACT as an educator!

Cohort A: October 15-17, 2018

Cohort B: October 18-20, 2018

Early Bird Rate: Php 7,650 – Extended until September 30!

Past Workshops and Seminars

Inclusive Education Workshop for Teachers

  • Workshop Title: Inclusive Education in Practice: Developing Inclusive Classrooms and School Communities
  • Date and Venue: February 19 – 22, 2018 | QC Science Interactive Center
  • Participants: Head Teachers and Master Teachers from QC CD 1 and 5
  • Partners: Inclusion Initiative, UNICEF Philippines, DepEd
  • Resource Speakers: Dr. Peter Grimes, Arlene dela Cruz, Kaisa Sol Cruz, and Sarah Jane Dela Rosa

Inclusive Education Workshop for Principals

  • Workshop Title: Leadership for Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Access to Rigorous Work for All Students
  • Date and Venue: January 8 – 12, 2018 | QC Science Interactive Center
  • Participants: Public School Principals from QC CD 1 and 5
  • Partners: Inclusion Initiative, UNICEF Philippines, DepEd
  • Resource Speakers: Mr. Eric Hieser

International Summit on Inclusive Education - Part 2

  • Theme: Schools for All
  • Date and Venue: November 27 – 29, 2017 | UP Film Institute, Diliman, Q.C

International Summit on Inclusive Education - Part 1

  • Theme: I Am You. Opening Minds, Opening Hearts: Putting Values into Action
  • Date and Venue: February 22 – 24, 2017 | SMX Convention Center, Manila

The aim of this conference is to help all stakeholders in education build their capacities in providing inclusive education at the same time raising the achievement levels for all by Dr. Peter Grimes and Mr. Eric Heiser.

Conference Topics:

  • Sharing US Best Practices in Education
  • Developing a Sustainable Inclusive Quality Education for All
  • Preparing an Action Plan in Building an Inclusive School
  • Relationship Between Academic Outcomes and Quality for Students With and Without Learning Disabilities in an Inclusive Classroom
  • Joining our Path to Inclusion


Event Highlights


This is focused on Understanding the Challenges and Identifying the Strategies for an Effective Inclusive Education with Global Perspective

Conference Topics:

  • Analysis of Attitude, Dynamics and Effects in the Philippine Special Education
  • Reframing our Minds on Special Needs on Education – An International Perspective
  • Shared Classroom Activities for the Students with Disabilities – From Theory to Practice
  • Literacy Across Different Learning Abilities: Comprehension and Reading Routines
  • Differentiated Instruction: What is it really?
  • Demystifying Accommodations vs Modifications
  • Developing and Implementing Quality Individual Educational Plans (IEP) from an Inclusive Perspective

Event Highlights

Integration of Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Materials and Technology: Primer for Student Early Childhood Success by Alpha Sanford and Alyssa Connors.


Event Highlights

A Seminar on Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Teacher’s Effectiveness by Debbie Lynn Toomey, Health & Happiness Specialist in the U.S

Event Highlights


Leading the Special Education at the Core of the Philippines’ Inclusive Education and Introduction of the 2nd Filipino Educators’ Global Initiative – US Study Tour 2016 by Alpha Sanford, Eric Hieser, and Hon. Alfred Vargas.


Conference Topics:

  • Philippine Special Education Issues
  • Leadership in Special Education
  • Components of Inclusive Schools
  • Programming to Meet the Diverse Needs of Students with Disabilities
  • Community Engagement Systems and Supports
  • Global Trends in Inclusive Education

Event Highlights

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