Empowering Educators in Building Inclusive Communities


The Teacher’s Gallery (TTG) aims to offer learning opportunities related to inclusive education to both teachers and the broader education community that inspire transformational change and provide the community with the tools necessary to enact this change.

TTG enhances our educators’ pedagogical practice and leverage learned teaching skills to fast track their career. TTG also provide opportunities for professional growth and position our educators for leadership capacity.
TTG offers educational tours where educators can observe and reflect on international classrooms. These edtours help educators understand innovative principles of teaching and environments through interactive study tours; school walkthroughs; peer-to-peer observation; and cultural immersions.
TTG empowers teachers to participate in activities that will create effective social change particularly in the public sector.

Our Story

It all began over a casual dinner one August evening in 2014. I was with a friend, Andrea Stavrakas, who was visiting from Boston to explore teaching and consulting opportunities in the Philippines and Mai Roble, one of our beloved teachers at Precious Gem Academy, a small school nestled in Fairview, Quezon City.

Over the course of our meal, I shared with them my frustrations and challenges I was facing in trying to develop Precious Gem Academy to be an inclusive school—specifically,  the dire need to train teachers in inclusive strategies.  I also professed my burning desire to empower teachers in their role as nation builders.

From appetizers to dessert, the three of us somehow managed to formulate the answer to my frustrations and fulfill my aspirations in the form of The Teacher’s Gallery (TTG).

TTG was officially incorporated in November 2014 as a Philippine based social enterprise. Our first project was a benchmarking trip bringing Quezon City educators to Andrea Stavrakas’ school, the Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School system in May 2015. During the planning stages of this trip, TTG happened to meet a young Filipino American educator also based in Boston, Alpha Sanford, who embraced our vision and mission and helped us to solidify TTG’s programming.

From that point, Andrea and Alpha played a critical role in the formation of The Teacher’s Gallery supporting me and Mai in every project we embarked on that required their expertise.

Today, The Teacher’s Gallery is run by passionate millennials under Mai’s leadership and behind them is an Advisory Board of international and local technical experts in various fields of education. Enjoyment and immersive exploration became the core strategies in carrying out TTG’s mission— building the skills and expertise of teachers but enabling a fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable experience in the process!

Lilibeth Aristorenas

Founder, The Teacher's Gallery

Our Team

The Teacher’s Gallery (TTG) is composed of educators and social enterpreneurs who believe in the power of teachers to transform the lives of the individuals they teach.
Mai Roble, Executive Director

Liza Duyao, Technical Director

Aya Tamayo, Communications Director

Miki Aristorenas, Research and Social Impact Director

Jean Santesteban, Administrative Staff

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Highlights and Takeaways

International Summit on Inclusive Education -Part 2 November 27-29, 2017 | UP Film Institute